Bring the Natural Beauty and Wonder of an Aquarium into Your Home or Office.

Cole’s Fish Tanks can design you an aquatic ecosystem that brings aesthetics, entertainment, and maybe just a little “Wow!” to your home or office year-round.


View my gallery of some of the fascinating aquariums I’ve installed in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Whether you’re looking for a first aquarium, or expanding your current aquatic environment, I can create an eye-catching blend of colors, shapes and movement that will bring years of enjoyment and relaxation. Maybe the next one will be yours!

“Cole is amazing. He is always on time, thorough, and ensures he walks me through everything so I understand what changes might impact my tank. He brings supplies and will even bring new fish if requested in advance. I wouldn’t trust my tank to anyone else.”

— A.P., Greensburg

Reef Aquarium

Aquarium Design and Services for Homes and Offices

Every aquarium is a wondrous blend of art and science that brings natural beauty and comfort to any indoor environment. Careful planning, creative design, reputable livestock sourcing, and stellar service all contribute to a great experience and years of enjoyment for my clients. As your trusted advisor, local expert, and reliable partner, I’ll help ensure that your fish get the best care and attention they need.

Saltwater vs. Freshwater.
Which Ecosystem is Best for You?

Whether you choose a saltwater or freshwater aquarium, each one can provide an equally rewarding experience. However, they each also have their own set of challenges. Considerations include cost, maintenance, livestock, plants, decor, lighting, and more. I’ll personally help you determine which ecosystem is most suitable for your location.

Beta Fish

“Love the service that we get from Cole’s Fish Tanks!! Tank always looks great when you are finished!!!”

— M.M., Greensburg

Cole Gongloff

I’ll Go to Great Depths to Make Your Aquarium Thrive

I’ve taken my love of aquariums from hobby, to lifestyle, to career. My commitment to you is to apply my lifelong passion to design and install an aquarium that is just right for you. I’ll always be there to help you maintain your tank, resolve issues, offer advice, and more. I’m with you every step of the way.

Are You Ready to Take the Plunge?

You likely have a lot of questions. Let’s talk about what you want in your new aquarium. I’m here to help you understand your options and make informed decisions. Complete the contact form below today to schedule your free consultation.

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