A Beautiful, Thriving Aquarium Adds a Great Centerpiece to any Setting

Owning an aquarium requires careful planning and special attention. From consultation and aquarium design to service and maintenance, I will be by your side to ensure your best experience. Whether you want to start small or with a more sophisticated aquarium, I will help you make the right decisions to make certain that you have a successful living showcase for years to come.

Reef Aquarium

Owning an aquarium is more than just a hobby. It requires a commitment to maintaining a healthy environment for your fish.

I bring an artful eye and vast knowledge to every display I design and maintain. But, it all begins with you. What type of fish and decor do you want? How much space do you have? What is your budget? Do you plan to perform your own maintenance? Do you expect to expand your display? During our initial consultation, we’ll work together to make sure you get just what you want out of your aquarium.

With the big box stores, there is little to no accountability taken when it comes to the health of their fish or the quality of their aquariums. I will always be there to take the time that is needed to ensure the best experience for my customers. If you have an emergency with your tank that can’t wait, then I can be there the same day. Even if you just want a quick phone call with me to discuss future fish stocking, I am all ears.

“We are so blessed to have Cole attend to our turtle tank, and he is always punctual, kind, caring, professional, and prepared. Thank you.”

— K.V., Murrysville

Two Angel Fish

Aquarium Design and Services

A unique and captivating design that is perfect for your setting is my ultimate goal. I am able to guarantee the best products available for your aquarium. Not only do I have reputable livestock sourcing, as well as diverse types of corals, plants, and fish available, I also always quarantine my fish before they go into any client’s tank to help prevent certain diseases and disorders.

Design Services include:

  • Freshwater and saltwater aquarium design
  • Plumbing of one or multiple aquariums
  • Coral, fish, and plant husbandry
  • Water chemistry consultation
Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium Maintenance & Service

They key to any successful aquarium is proper planning and maintenance. From water changes and chemistry balancing, to regular cleaning and livestock inspection, I offer a wide range of maintenance plans to fit every ecologic and economic need. Freshwater tanks are typically serviced on a four-week rotation, with saltwater tanks getting serviced every two weeks.

Maintenance Services include:

  • Scheduled water changes
  • Algae scraping and waste cleaning
  • Livestock health inspection
  • Reverse osmosis and deionization (RODI) system checks, if applicable
  • Fresh or saltwater RODI water brought directly to you, if needed
  • Equipment inspection, repair, and replacement
  • Fish feeding
  • Maintenance training for clients
  • Premium services

“Cole does a great job cleaning and maintaining our tank. We always did this ourselves, but it’s never looked as good as it does when Cole’s done!”

— H.B., Latrobe

My Aquarium Design Process

Getting you the aquarium of your dreams is not about selling. It’s about sharing knowledge, passion, and experience to guarantee that your aquarium performs to your expectations for years. I take carefully calculated steps to make certain we’re on the right path. And I’ll educate you along the way. My process is not complicated; but it is tried and true.

  • I always begin with a phone call to gather all the necessary info to begin planning your perfect aquarium.
  • Following our phone call, we’ll schedule an in-person meeting either at your location or at my aquarium gallery. This is where we’ll discuss your ecosystem, livestock, and aquascaping options — the personal and practical details needed to transform a simple glass cage into a slice of nature for your home or office.
  • If you decide to proceed with the aquarium, I will provide an estimate for my services. Since I will be purchasing equipment, dry goods, and livestock, I will request a 50% pre-payment of the estimated fee at that time, with the remainder to be invoiced at the completion of your installation. Payment plan options may be available.
  • Once we have a concept in mind, I’ll  start gathering all the necessary items to achieve your vision. I may already have the perfect aquarium set up in my gallery that I can deliver to you the very next day, if possible!
  • After purchasing and quarantining your fish, gathering the decor, and prepping your tank, I’ll be ready to deliver and install the aquarium in your home or office. Since we are dealing with living things, we do need to be patient and slowly add your livestock over time to ensure everything in the aquarium remains healthy.
  • Once your aquarium is up and running, we’ll discuss and develop a maintenance schedule that suits you best. I perform any and all maintenance myself to ensure nothing but success with your dream aquarium. I will never sub-contract any of these vital services. You can be involved as much as you like when it comes to regular maintenance. I have multiple services packages to choose from.

What’s Your Vision of the Perfect Aquarium?

Every client is unique. Let’s talk about what you’re looking for.
Contact me today to get started!

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