I’m Here to Create the Aquarium of Your Dreams.

My name is Cole Gongloff, and I’ve been doing this most of my life. I’ve been lucky enough to do what I love and bring my creativity and expertise to homeowners and business owners in the Greensburg, PA area.

Cole Gongloff


My love of aquariums all started with a 10-gallon tank with black and orange-colored gravel. The fish in my first tank were three colorful Glo Tetras with a bristle-nose pleco. I was in eighth grade at the time and was already bit by the “aquarium bug.”

That 10-gallon freshwater aquarium inspired me so much that I spent all of the money I earned refereeing soccer games on a 90-gallon saltwater aquarium. Once that aquarium was set up in my parents’ basement (thanks mom and dad!) there was no going back for me.

All of my free time was spent learning as much as I could about everything aquarium-related. In fact, this passion encapsulated me so much that I would later get a job at my local fish store when I was a high school sophomore. My time spent there only expanded both my knowledge and passion for the aquarium hobby, which then led me to setting up 14 more aquariums in my parents’ basement. I still don’t know how I fit them all down there!

As you can imagine, owning so many aquariums really bolstered my experience with regard to both the biologic and mechanic aspects of owning fish. My high school job later turned into a full-time profession where I was able to service other people’s aquariums while working for the same company. But something was missing for me. I felt that I could provide an even better experience for the clients I served in this field by starting my very own aquarium design and service company. Now I am able to provide high-quality aquariums with even higher-quality service.

About Cole’s Fish Tanks

I am my company. I pride myself on diligent customer service rooted in a lifelong love and passion for aquariums. I have a gallery located in Greensburg, PA, that people can visit to see living examples of my work and learn about starting their own aquariums.

Unlike the big box stores where you have no idea who will show up to service your system, I am always there to personally take the time that is needed to ensure the best experience for my customers.

My commitment to you is to apply my lifelong passion to design and install an aquarium that is just right for you. I’ll always be there to help you maintain your tank, resolve issues, offer advice, and more. I’ll be by your side every step of the way.

Cole's Fish Tanks Logo

My goal is to design and maintain the perfect aquarium for your home or office and earn your trust and confidence.

Contact me today to arrange a visit to my gallery or free consultation!

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